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We're a small urban homestead located on a 1/2-acre lot in southern Louisiana. We have big dreams of helping others learn about growing their own food whether it be vegetables, fruit, or meat. Our goal is to utilize our space and maximize what we can produce. We've been on this homesteading journey off and on for the past 15 or so years; time, children, and home moves have changed how that's looked. In 2021 we purchased our forever home which has led us to finally reach for the goals that we didn't logistically have the space for. Now we have added new goals that we'd like to achieve. The various things we produce here are mainly grown in the path to self-sufficiency. We're happy to help with any questions and if we don't have the ability to help you with what you need then we can certainly point you in the right direction!

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Galliano, La


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